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Embedded hard- und software development

In cooperation with our partner MAS Elettronica we offer industry-standard CPU boards and Single Board Computer. In addition to a wide selection of standard boards, we provide custom controller boards or SBCs. the hardware is sized according to the needs of the customer application.

The boards are ideally suited for Linux. We are prepared to support you with the development of a customized Linux distribution as well as with the application design.

With our standard HMIs we offer a modular platform for cost -efficient embedded HMIs with graphical user interface. The solution with an ARM Cortex M3 is suitable for simple solutions with display sizes between 3.5 " and 7 ". Read more about this in our HMI information: HMI Flyer

We offer the following software development services and technologies:

  • Embedded software development
    • Display control (fonts, lines, geometric shapes, icons & pictures)
    • Button and sensor recognition
    • Menue structures
  • Interfaceprotocols
    • I2C, SPI, one Wire, RS232, RS485, USB, CAN, Ethernet, WLAN
  • Supported CPUs
    • AVR 8 Bit, AVR32 32Bit, ARM Cortex M0-3, ARM 7/9 (embedded Linux)
  • Compiler/Tools
    • GCC (Compiler C, C++)
    • Python (Interpreter)
    • QT (Cross Platform GUI Library)
    • GDB (Debugging)
    • GIT (Versioning)
    • Doxygen (Documentation)


LCD Mikroelektronik GmbH
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Visit us at our stand:

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