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Obsolescence Management & Development

Passive LCDs

Obsolescence of components such as LCD drivers, means changes, additional development and possibly new admission tests.

We are experienced in imitating existing modules functionally identical. Please find a project example below. We have realized this replica of a former product version without adjustments in the customer application, so development expenditures could be prevented and existing product certificates could be sustained.

Pixel graphics for use in medical electronics

  • Originally used: Driver in TCP housing
  • Our solution: Switch to a COG driver and integration of a simple microcontroller
  • The microcontroller emulates the interface of the discontinued LCD driver
  • The microcontroller initializes the replacement driver and shields "false" commands (for example, initialization of the old driver) that the customer's control sends , from the new driver
  • All other commands will be transmitted to the new driver unchanged.

TFT displays

Standard TFT displays are often subject to a shorter product lifecycle. Obsolescence happens daily.

For this reason we have developed our Family TFT series that composes standard screen sizes that are available from several sources. Typically if one panel is discontinued, an alternative product with the same 40-pin interface can be used.

A general rule for TFTs: To make sure you are not hit by sudden obsolescence we observe the availability situation and inform you in time, to allow a last-time buy. We are able to store larger amounts of TFTs and deliver them as required.
In parallel, we will be looking for alternative products that are mechanically compatible. Of course we support you in customizing your hardware and software to a newer version.


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