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Standard Capacitive Touchscreens

We recommend the use of capacitive touch screens. We offer compatible touchscreens for most of our standard TFTs, and all Family-TFTs.

A capacitive touchscreen consists of a cover glass, the sensor and the touch controller. We can supply the touch sensor with or without controller. Standard sensors can be integrated with customized front lenses.

The sensor is glued under a (usually larger) printed cover glass with chemically hardened surface. We can offer both double-side adhesive and optical bonding with full-surface bonding. The touch sensor is read by a touch controller, which is mounted on a flexible circuit board. 

The sensor features conductor structures that are used to detect the finger movement. These conductor structures can be organized as one or two layer system.

The listed touch screens are designed for operating temperatures of -20 / + 70 ° C and have an I2C interface.

The following list shows only a small selection of standard models. Please contact us directly, we will offer suitable standard or custom solution.

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4.3" landscape CTP


4.3" portrait CTP


3.5" landscape CTP


3.5" portrait CTP


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